Via Lattea - Granite - Close Up Via Lattea - Granite - Close Up
Via Lattea - Granite - Close Up


Via Lattea

  • Slab Thickness

    20mm and 30mm

  • Finish


  • Indicative Slab Size

    3000 x 1800mm

  • Scratch Resistance

    Moh’s Scale of Mineral Hardness

    Hardness Examples
    1 Talc
    2 Gold
    3 Limestone, Concrete
    4 Marble, Copper Coin
    5 Soft Quartzites, Window Glass
    6 Steel Knife blade
    7 Quartz
    8 Semi Precious: Topaz
    9 Semi Precious: Ruby, Sapphire
    10 Precious: Diamond

    NB: Our scratch resistance guide is indicative and may vary sightly by batch/quarry


  • Sink Rail U/M

    Minimum 100mm

  • Sink/Hob Rail T/M

    Minimum 65mm

  • Unsupported Overhang

    Up to 300mm

  • Pricing Guide

    The star ratings are a broad guide only. Each Pricing Guide star rating is a generalisation of a range of prices and prices can vary within each rating i.e. a 3-star granite will be similarly priced but not necessarily identical to another 3 star granite

  • Availability

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