Lustre Clearstone Protective Coating


Marble is a stunning option, but not for everybody. The geology that gives marble its natural beauty also means natural imperfections are common. It will stain, etch and scratch relatively easily and is particularly vulnerable to acidic substances such as lemon juice and red wine - commonly found in household kitchens.

Some Marble and Limestone can also be porous and susceptible to staining. Stones such as unfilled 'Travertine' have natural cavities which can be filled with clear composite to highlight the features in the stone.

The application of  Lustre Clearstone Coating enriches the colours and veins of such materials and makes them suitable as a bench top surface.

Ideal for kitchen, vanity or counter tops. The coating can be either applied prior to or following installation, subject to particular onsite circumstances, such as size or site joints. The coating can also be applied to an existing top, this process may help restore a damaged surface.

Due to the liquid nature of the product it may only be applied to horizontal and level surfaces.


The stone coating is a hard wearing durable surface that is easy to maintain using mild soapy water; non-abrasive neutral pH7 dishwashing detergent is most suitable. Rub gently with a non abrasive cloth or sponge for a high gloss finish and dry off with a clean soft cloth.


While Lustre Clearstone coating is a durable product, it is not indestructible and we recommend the following precautions to keep your bench top pristine.


Over approximately a three month period following application, the Clearstone coating will achieve its maximum hardness. Scratches may occur prior to full surface hardening but these can be removed if necessary.

Avoid hitting it with anything blunt or heavy as this can cause chips and cracks. Avoid sitting, standing or placing heavy items on unsupported areas.

The use of sharp knives, kitchen utensils and abrasives (e.g. pot or nylon scourers, scouring powders or creams etc) directly on the bench top’s surface, will result in scratches. Always use a chopping board.


Whilst one of the properties of our stone coating is an exclusive clear heat rejection additive, it is not recommended that you place hot pans or hot dishes directly on the surface. Always use a trivet or placemat.


The surface can be re-polished at any time.

If in extraordinary circumstances the surface has become heavily scratched it can be recoated with the Lustre Clearstone Coating Top Layer.

If the Lustre Clearstone Coating is damaged in a small area it can be locally repaired without visible trace.


Refer the manufacturer’s website for 10 year warranty against staining & etching.